CET Computer Magic, Mooresville NC

Lake Norman’s computer expert, Tim Grier is the Owner of CET Computer Magic. Tim joined the United States Air Force in 1984 as a Russian Linguist and was stationed in West Germany; he later cross-trained as an Electronic Computer and Switching Systems Maintenance Technician and returned to West Germany where he met and married his wife of 26 years, Amy. They were later transferred to Hill AFB in Utah and had their first child, Sarah, who graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne University and now teaches first grade in Charlotte. What’s his most memorable moment of his military career? “The birth of my daughter, Sarah, at Hill AFB in Utah during a massive snowstorm!”

Before launching CET (Computer Engineering Technology), Tim was a teacher at Mooresville High School teaching Computer Engineering and Electronics. Now, as the owner of CET he has found his niche–“I love helping people resolve their problems; with an aptitude in computers and a heart for teaching people, it’s a natural fit.”

When asked why he loves the Lake Norman area, “This area is my home–I was born and raised in the North Charlotte (Derita) area. When my wife, (also a USAF veteran), and I left Alaska in 1993 after living all over the country as a government contractor (US Army instructor), we both wanted to come back to North Carolina where the mountains and beach are just a few hours away and there are four relatively mild seasons. My parents lived in Mooresville and my siblings lived in the Huntersville area.”

If he could change one thing about the LKN community, it would be to slow the growth – “it’s growing way too fast and infrastructure isn’t keeping up.” However, for CET’s future, “I want to continue the growth that we’ve had over the last 10 years and actually find a way to pull myself away from the day-to-day operations becoming a true business owner.”

Tim Grier

Owner, CET Computer Magic


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