Special Flag Flying Days For Your Lake Norman Home

As a homeowner or renter, our great American flag doesnt discriminate between owners and renters, did you know that there are special designated flag flying days? As a military spouse and proud citizen of this country, Im embarrassed to admit that I had no idea about some of these. May 1 st is Loyalty Day? Before writing this post I had no idea that we had a special day reserved for our reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American Freedom. (Shouldnt we celebrate this every day?) It sounds awesome and I now look forward to it, but until recently I always thought May 1 st was just May Day. So here is a list of ALL flag flying days this year to make sure we dont miss any of the not-so-memorable. Thank you to our good friends at Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation for putting this together!