PATRIOT SPOTLIGHT - Jillian Milchaske

Have you seen the “purple girl” around Lake Norman?! Whether it’s a purple sweatshirt, t-shirt, or sometimes even purple-colored hair, that’s the creative artist Jillian Milchaske!  As the owner of “Creative Designs by Jillian,” she offers a wide variety of products and services including Custom Paintings and Murals, Healing Art Instructor, Team Building Events, and Sip & Paint Parties.

As for Jillian’s favorite color, “I love getting up and wearing purple most days of the week!”  She further explains, “The color purple relates to the imagination and spirituality and allows us to get in touch with our deepest thoughts. I have always had a deep connection to purple. It inspires creativity, which is why the many of my original paintings have purple tones. I can't think of a better color to represent Creative Designs by Jillian.”

Jillian feeds her soul and draws upon the art culture and sense of community found throughout the Lake Norman community.  The mission of Creative Designs by Jillian is to provide an art experience allowing others focus and connect to their spirit. When she’s not working, Jillian enjoys hiking around Lake Norman State Park where she draws further inspiration for future creations. We asked Jillian what the most important thing she’s learned in the last five years and she responded, “To  speak kindly to myself because my spirit is listening.”

Jillian is proud to offer a veteran discount. The “Healing Art Sessions” is $10 (value, $35)  and includes supplies.  Jillian says, “I know many vets suffer from PTSD emotional/mental trauma. I found art at a very tough time for me. I had survived a suicide attempt, which at the time, was worse than being okay. I struggled with addiction, PTSD, anxiety and mania. Painting gives expression to the things I could not say. It quieted my racing thoughts and fear, allowing me to heal, and manage my mania symptoms. I want to offer that to those who served.” 

Jillian Milchaske | (704) 495-2990 | [email protected]