Making Sense Of Those School Grades

We understand that sometimes there’s a lot of pressure for home buyers to find just the right house in just the right school district, but unfortunately, the Fair Housing Act limits us from offering any guidance. The best we can do is suggest some third-party resources so buyers can make their own decisions, which will require some effort.

A good place to start research on our local schools is online at some of the many websites dedicated to reviewing school performance. In this video, our subject matter expert Joanie Baker, used and to demonstrate how these online grading sites reach their conclusions. What criteria they use, who judges that criteria, and if the current ratings fluxuate are some of the topics Joanie discusses. And just to be clear, the views expressed in this video are not endorsed or reported by Papemore Real Estate at Coldwell Banker, or Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, or any other licensed Realtor. Did that statement provide enough cover for everyone…?

About our subject matter expert: Joanie Baker is the publisher of Lakeside Living Magazine in Cornelius (it’s not online, so don’t bother “Googling” it). She currently lives in Cornelius with her family and her children attend Lake Norman area public schools. Joanie is a former teacher with over 25 years of experience in education, holds two Masters Degrees in Education, and is a former College Prep Content Coordinator for a large public school district in Ohio.