JIM VOGEL, I.M.U. Social Media

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Jim Vogel. This inspiring icon is pretty much a ‘household name’ and is making a huge difference in the Lake Norman (LKN) community! Since July 2011, Jim has helped numerous small-to-medium businesses catapult their growth as the owner of I.M.U. Social Media (IMUSM). With an attitude of “anything is possible,” he’s not only an expert in his career, but he is a proven and dedicated leader within the area.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, Jim recognized a need for a community platform that would bring together like-minded aspiring small business owners to network in a relaxed environment. So, he founded the Lake Norman Small Business Network (LKNSBN). As of 2019, he continues to manage the weekly gatherings located at Old Town Public House (OTPH) and monthly events (at Bin 110 or D9 Brewing) as the network continues to grow with over 3,700 small business owners!

In addition to managing a very successful business and the LKNSBN, Jim also serves on the Board for the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce as the Executive Chair of the Marketing and Communication Division and also oversees the LKNSBN Blood Drive with Community Blood Center of the Carolinas.

So, what does Jim love most about LKN? Having grown-up in Detroit, Michigan he says “I like that it doesn’t snow much!” When he’s not working, Jim enjoys being a “Doggy Dad,” reading, and watching sports. You might also find him hanging out with his beautiful wife, Susan, on a boat cruising the waves of Lake Norman and then enjoying a nice meal at Mickey and Mooch!

IMUSM is proud to offer a 10% military discount. “Being a military-friendly small business means paying tribute to our veterans and service personnel; and at the same time, IMUSM sends the message that freedom comes with a high cost. IMUSM is truly a “military appreciation” local small business. My Dad served in the South Pacific at the end of WWII as a machinist mate in the Navy. There is no more solid and loyal of a group than our military, past and present. This community of brave Americans keeps us free!”

Jim Vogel 

I.M.U. Social Media 

(704) 439-0787

[email protected] 






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