How Good Are Lake Norman Area Public Schools?

How good are the public schools around Lake Norman? Unfortunately, Federal Fair Housing laws restrict Realtors from offering personal opinions about local schools. In fact, our Compliance Officer is probably currently having a mini-heart attack for us even discussing the topic! But in all seriousness, we understand the frustration this can cause home buyers. How can you possibly make an informed decision on where to move your family without all the information? So, this is why we’ve invited Cornelius resident Joanie Baker to offer her opinion. That’s right…her opinion. Not ours, Caldwell Bankers, or any other person holding a real estate license…just Joanie’s. Neither Papemore Real Estate at Caldwell Banker, or Caldwell Banker Residential Brokerage endorses Joanie’s opinions…even though they sound pretty well thought out and believable.

In case you’re wondering, Joanie Baker is the publisher of Lakeside Living Magazine in Cornelius (it’s not online, so don’t bother “Googling” it). She currently lives in Cornelius with her family while her children attend Lake Norman area public schools. Joanie is a former teacher with over 25 years of experience in education, holds two Masters Degrees in Education, and is a former College Prep Content Coordinator for a large public-school district in Ohio.