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Are you feeling stressed? Good news! We found a place where you can literally “float your stress away!” Meet Mariah & Tyler Johnson and Estelle & Jeramiah Carr, the owners of First Float located in Huntersville, NC. As a family-owned business, they seek to empower individuals to continuously break through life’s obstacles in order to achieve their goals.

First Float is making waves as the lake’s premier alternative wellness center specializing in Floatation Therapy. The facility boasts a flotation tank and an open flotation pool meticulously maintained by certified pool operators, Tyler and Jeramiah. The pools are highly concentrated with salt allowing you to float effortlessly and experience a deeply relaxed state of mind. They also offer a variety of other services including Massage Therapy, Halo Therapy, Detox Therapies, and CBD products.

Mariah, a licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, hopes to make First Float a household name.  “Our vision is to be the primary tool for individuals seeking ultimate performance in their personal and professional life through traditional, non-traditional, and experimental services.”

Lake Norman is thriving with small businesses and First Float is definitely making their presence known in this community. “We love being able to work together as a family and operate our own business. One of our proudest moments was displaying our logo on the front door!” Mariah welcomes the community to come in for a tour of their facility to gain a better understanding of what they offer. We asked her what advice she provides first-time customers. “Take three deep breaths and then….let go.” Sounds wonderful!

“We see First Float as a tool to help veterans recover physically, mentally and/or emotionally.  We are proud to offer a 10% discount to veterans as a form of appreciation for what they have done for us.”

First Float         

16501 Northcross Dr B, Huntersville NC
(980) 430-4343
Email:  [email protected]






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