Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: How do you pronounce Papemore?

Like the word “paper,” but without the “R!”   

A: What is the meaning behind “Papemore?”

Some people think we named our company, “Papemore” because there is more than one Pape.  That would be too obvious.  Our name “Papemore” started as a goofy label we came up with while living near The Broadmoor, a five-star luxury resort in Colorado Springs.  With a glass of wine in hand, we’d enjoy walking the grounds while appreciating the resort’s extravagant accommodations, stunning views, and distinctive amenities.  Whether you were an overnight guest or simply there to explore the resort, everyone was treated with respect and catered to like a rockstar!  

After each visit, we’d return home to our tiny abode and dream about one day owning a home that represented the grandeur of The Broadmoor.  We played off the name and jokingly started referring to every house we bought as, “The Papemore.”  While we’ll never be able to afford a 380-acre piece of property, we still entertain and provide our family and friends with the best hospitality and experience possible, minus the room service! 

For us, the name “Papemore” will always represent a distinguished level of luxury and service, balanced with a lighthearted sense of humor.