RODNEY BEARD, Charlotte Payroll

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Meet Rodney Beard, Director of Business Development at Charlotte PayrollAlong with Erik and Jeff Schriber (President/CEO and VP/Owner, respectively), they are a fast-growing company with superior technology offering payroll processing, timekeeping, and HR services for small to mid-size businesses.  With their strong network of connections throughout the region, they’re also able to offer workers compensation benefits through their partners.  This talented team of experienced professionals understand the importance of offering tailored solutions that are Simple, Secure and Mobile

As you get to know Rodney, you’ll quickly find out that he loves this community and his job!  “Lake Norman offers a great quality of life!  The people here are unlike any that I have ever met and the area is built on small business.  Plus, my position allows me to meet so many small business owners that I would never have known.”  With Charlotte Payroll’s explosive growth over the past year, Rodney confidently states, “We provide better service and save companies money!”

We asked Rodney what advice he has for customers—especially as they enter the new year.  “Check local services and pricing.  The national payroll services are typically 20-30% higher.  And, don’t try to do payroll yourself.  The biggest liability is paying payroll taxes properly and on time.” 

“We believe that military veterans have earned the right for special consideration with our company.  We offer a 10% discount on our prices for veterans and veteran-owned businesses and we also discount our setup fee from our regular price of $100 to $75.” 

Rodney Beard                                                                                                                                 (704) 609-1256                                                                                                                                                [email protected]




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