Bryan Viger, proudly served five years in the United States Marine Corps where he specialized in logistics, small weapons and explosives. He served two tours in Africa, including missions in support of Operation Restore Hope in Somalia.

As the former Global Head of Motorsports & Business Development for FCA (Chrysler Corp.), Bryan is no stranger to business. With 20+ years of advertising and marketing strategies combined with his Marine Corps ethics, Bryan is making a noticeable impact in the small business community as the President of Over Yonder Magazine. Rather than relying on antiquated distribution methods (e.g., “let’s just eyeball it”), Bryan employs effective campaigns that track advertising and return on investment for the small business owner. And, focusing more on the business owner’s story, their challenges, and successes is what sets his publication apart from the others.

“Surprisingly, my life lessons didn’t come from USMC, college or work,” says Bryan. “Rather, they came from my father. He taught me five things that I’ve taken with me through every stage of my life.”

  • Never ask a person to clean a toilet you haven’t (or willing to) clean yourself (Leadership)
  • Treat everyone the same from the janitor to the CEO (Respect)
  • Treat every dime like its your own whether you work for someone else or yourself (Trustworthy)
  • Work harder when you think nobody is watching (Integrity)
  • Always fulfill your obligations; keep your word. If you make a promise…keep it! (Honor)

So why does Bryan love this job?? “In my past life, I traveled 200K+ miles a year and never saw my family. Starting this company has allowed me to have the best of both worlds by helping my fellow business owners(B2B) and see my children daily while being engaged with both.”

Bryan Viger
Over Yonder Magazine, President
(704) 805-0383