Birkdale Huntersville Review

Located just off I77 at exit 25, Birkdale Village’s “main street setting” has become the de facto downtown of Huntersville…which the real downtown is located about 4 miles east of here. Birkdale Village was built in the early 2000’s as an award-winning PUD that quickly became a catalyst for the local growth in population and business you see today. For those that don’t know, PUD is a Planned Unit Development…which means that it’s a mix of single family homes alongside commercial retail space that was pre-planned and constructed as part of a single development. Just inside the village here, there are over 60 local and national branded retail shops, 10 restaurants, 1 cigar bar, 1 fun little wine bar, and a 16-screen movie theater.

And as I mentioned, this old-time looking main street area has really become a gathering point for local residents…who not just live in Birkdale Village, but many of the surrounding communities.

It’s important to note that when someone says, “I’ll meet you at Birkdale,” they’re most likely saying they’ll meet you in Birkdale Village…not Birkdale…that’s the golf course community located right across Sam Furr Road. Living options inside the village consists of higher-end apartment units above the shops, but then some townhomes and smaller homes (below twenty-five hundred sq feet) are located just outside the village…mostly within walking distance. The further away you get from the village center, the larger the homes. And many of those larger homes are located in Birkdale, which if you remember is the golf course community across the street. As with many other communities around the Lake Norman area, houses in Birkdale don’t usually stay on the market but for a couple months at most as it’s a very popular place to live. As of this recording, there are only 15 homes out of nearly 2000 that are available. There are several smaller community names associated with and located inside the overall development of Birkdale, give us a call or send an email to find out more!